We now offer DexterPay!

Forget your quarters at home?  You can now use your phone to pay for your laundry services securely.

To learn more about DexterPay watch the short videos below, or watch the videos in the store the next time you stop by, or ask an attendant for further details.

New Customer Promotion

If you're a new customer, using DexterPay for the first time in our store, you will receive a free wash (up to a $9.00 value).  See signs posted in the store for further details.  You will find the promotions options in the app under the Loyalty icon, then click on promotions to enter the code found in the store.

New Customer Promotion is only available for one use for first-time customers using the app for the first time at our location.  Value is based on washing machine used at the time of use and can vary in value.

Earn Rewards On Your Purchases

For customers who use the DexterPay app on a regular basis, you can earn 5% back on every dollar spent towards your next wash.  Rewards are posted directly to your account and available to use whenever you need them.

DexterPay rewards can only be used for Washers and Dryers and cannot be used for other purchases in store.  

About DexterPay Authorization

Initial Authorization: $25.00

Reauthorization: $25.00

Convenience Fee: $0.30

After the first purchase of the day, your bank will place a hold on your account.  If your spend exceeds the reauthorization amount, your bank will place an additional hold.  Any unused funds will be released, but this may take up to 5 business days.

DexterPay is not affiliated with TwoBoys Laundromat, LLC, and is a payment provider.  For any issues with DexterPay, please contact them directly.

Dexterpay Phone



Make laundry day easy with the freedom and security of DexterPay.  With DexterPay you can pay securely using mobile pay, there is no need for coins.  Plus, you can track the progress of every load so you know when the load will be complete.  Don't forget to check the promotions tab to see if your laundry has any active promotions that can save you money!

DexterPay User Video (English)

DexterPay User Video (Spanish)