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Two Boys Laundromat, LLC has been featured in the media on several occasions. Check out some of the stories that we were featured in.

2024 - Two Boys Laundromat KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas

KtnvOn June 14, 2024 we were featured on KTNV Channel 13 morning show as part of pride month showcasing LGBTQIA+ owned businesses in Las Vegas.  Our owner and General Manager, Gene Boucher, was interviewed by KTNV reporter Isabella Martin.  This segment ran during various broadcasts during the news.  

We appreciate our customers for nominating us for this feature and KTNV for recognizing our store and providing us this wonderful opportunity to let people all over the Las Vegas valley about our laundromat.

ABC 13 News Segment - Two Boys Laundromat

KtnvOn June 14, 2024 we were featured on KTNV Channel 13 morning show as part of pride month showcasing LGBTQIA+ owned businesses in Las Vegas.  Our owner and General Manager, Gene Boucher, was interviewed by KTNV reporter Isabella Martin.

The segment below was live during the morning show at 6:30am. 

We appreciate our customers for nominating us for this feature and KTNV for recognizing our store and providing us this wonderful opportunity to let people all over the Las Vegas valley about our laundromat.

Two Boys Laundromat Live at 6:30am with Isabella Martin


2023 - CXO Magazine Inspiring Business Leaders



Reimagining Laundromats with Superior Customer Experiences and Community Impact

Two Boys Laundromat, LLC and our owner and General Manager, Gene Boucher was featuring in the July 2023 issue of CXO Magazine as one of it's most inspiring business leaders for the work he has done to create Two Boys Laundromat.

View the store on CXO website by clicking here, or read the story below

Cxo Magazine
Gene Boucher, Founder & General Manager, Two Boys Laundromat, LLC

Situated in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world, just a stone’s throw away from the dazzling lights of the renowned Las Vegas Strip, you’ll find the flagship store of Two Boys Laundromat, LLC. This laundromat chain has established a strong presence in Southern Nevada, with locations in Las Vegas and Henderson. Gene Boucher, the visionary Founder and General Manager, boasts a wealth of experience as a former Human Resources executive with over three decades of management expertise. He embarked on this venture with a clear mission in mind: to offer customers an unparalleled laundry experience characterized by immaculate stores, exceptional customer service, competitive prices, and state-of-the-art washers and dryers.

“Running a laundromat may seem like a simple endeavor, but achieving our lofty goals demands meticulous planning, a substantial investment, and a passion for delivering superior customer service,” explains Boucher. “Personally, I despise doing laundry. Consequently, we strive to consider every detail that can enhance our customers’ time spent at our establishments, starting from the moment they step foot inside.”

Contrary to the prevailing notion of laundromats as mom-and-pop operations, today’s industry boasts a combined nationwide gross annual revenue of approximately $5 billion. Forward-thinking chains like Two Boys Laundromat are disrupting this sphere by implementing world-class business systems, innovative marketing strategies, and efficient management practices. They aim to breathe new life into what many perceive as an outdated industry. “Imagine entering a laundromat that seems frozen in time, reminiscent of the 1960s, and then witnessing its complete transformation into a customer-centric and customer-focused establishment. The mere ‘wow factor’ and the smiles we bring to our customers’ faces when they walk through our doors make it all worthwhile,” shares Boucher with a sense of pride.

An Unparalleled Laundromat Experience

As you step inside the revamped flagship store of Two Boys Laundromat, an extraordinary laundry journey unfolds before your eyes. Renovated and redesigned in 2023, the store immediately captivates you with its modern array of washers and dryers, boasting capacities ranging from 30 to 80 lbs. for washers and 50 to 80 lbs. for dryers. Unsurprisingly, customers consistently praise the store as the “cleanest and nicest” laundromat in town.

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by four massive TVs and plush seating, providing a comfortable oasis where you can unwind while your laundry completes its cycle. With the convenience of temperature-controlled air conditioning and heating, Two Boys Laundromat ensures that your wait is as enjoyable as possible. The washers and dryers are computerized, allowing customers to take control of their laundry experience through a user-friendly mobile app. This innovative service offers seamless payment options, including cash, debit, or credit cards. With a simple tap on their mobile device, customers can activate their chosen machines and receive timely text notifications when their wash cycle is nearing completion. This functionality not only grants customers the freedom to run errands without worrying about time constraints but also caters to those seeking a cashless experience, eliminating the need to carry quarters.

When designing the laundromat, Gene Boucher deliberately steered away from a corporate aesthetic. Instead, he sought to create a warm, inviting ambiance that embraces local history and character. As a result, Two Boys Laundromat proudly features its own “Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas” neon sign, a symbol synonymous with the city. The walls are adorned with décor reminiscent of a personal laundry room, showcasing a curated selection of local memorabilia that pays homage to Las Vegas’ unique history and flourishing professional sports teams. It’s not uncommon to find visitors and locals alike exploring the captivating displays throughout the laundromat while they await the completion of their laundry. “It’s like sitting in your own living room, watching TV, and waiting for laundry to be done, except you’re actually in a laundromat,” expresses Boucher.

James Holland and T.J. Marone, owners of T&J LaundryTechs LLC, were thrilled to collaborate with a laundromat owner who genuinely cares about the customer experience. Reflecting on the partnership, he shares, “Working with Gene and building out Two Boys Laundromat has been an enjoyable endeavor for us. It’s been inspiring to see his passion and dedication to creating a remarkable laundry destination.”

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Left to Right: Marone, Boucher, Holland

Embracing Technology: Automation and Hybrid Staffing Model

Recognizing the significance of technology and automation in providing an exceptional customer experience, Two Boys Laundromat has made substantial investments in creating a fully automated facility. In addition to offering automated payment options to eliminate the need for cash, all machines are networked and monitored remotely from the company’s headquarters. A comprehensive dashboard provides real-time updates on the status of each machine, including any errors or issues that may arise. Should a customer encounter a problem, the company’s customer service team can promptly address it, even activating machines remotely with a simple click, without needing a physical presence at the store.

Ensuring the safety and security of both customers and employees, the laundromat design incorporates high-definition security cameras positioned strategically throughout the store. These cameras not only serve as a deterrent to potential incidents but also enable prompt assistance to customers when needed. Such advanced security measures reassure customers that their well-being is a top priority, even when the laundromat operates without on-site staff.

Leveraging these technological advancements, Two Boys Laundromat has implemented a hybrid staffing model that combines the presence of attendants during peak hours with an unattended model at other times. This approach optimizes staffing resources and ensures that customers receive support when it is most needed. Remote customer service support is available via phone or email, enabling prompt assistance and ensuring a seamless laundry experience at all times.

Convenient Wash-and-Fold Services

Understanding the needs of customers who seek speed and convenience, Two Boys Laundromat has introduced its specialized wash-and-fold services. This offering allows customers to have their laundry professionally handled, ensuring garments are meticulously cleaned and prepared. To streamline the entire process, the company utilizes an automated platform that tracks every stage of the wash-and-fold experience. From the moment a driver is dispatched to collect the customer’s order to the processing stage and subsequent delivery, customers have complete visibility over their laundry’s journey, accessible online or through text notifications.

Once an order is en route, customers can even track the driver’s real-time status through a GPS map, providing instant updates on the truck’s location. This transparent approach fosters a superior customer experience, empowering them to monitor each order cycle without the need to inquire about its progress.

In addition to serving individual customers, Two Boys Laundromat caters to the commercial sector, efficiently managing large volumes for various industries. This includes meeting the laundry requirements of nail and hair salons, car wash facilities, small hotel chains, and vacation rentals. Business owners have commended Two Boys Laundromat for their exceptional partnership, highlighting their responsiveness, customer focus, and unwavering dedication to delivering results. Kat Schiebel, the owner of The Beauty Shoppe in Downtown Las Vegas, enthusiastically shares, “Two Boys Laundromat has been an excellent partner to us – they are responsive, customer-focused, and always approach their work with a smile.”

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Congratulating commercial customer, The Beauty Shoppe in Las Vegas, on their one year anniversary (with Kat Schiebel, Owner of The Beauty Shoppe, Las Vegas, NV)

Affordable Pricing and Exceptional Customer Service

Two Boys Laundromat is dedicated to providing competitive prices without compromising on delivering a best-in-class customer service experience. Gene Boucher emphasizes the significance of the people behind the company, placing great value on hiring individuals who share their commitment to respect and the ability to bring a smile to customers’ faces. This aspect is considered priceless and regarded as the company’s ultimate compliment.

The company’s meticulous hiring process sets it apart, as it ensures that employees are carefully selected. It begins with an initial screening interview, followed by discussions with store and company management. Once a conditional offer is extended, Two Boys Laundromat conducts comprehensive background checks, including criminal and 50-state sex offender searches. This thoroughness acknowledges that store attendants work closely with a diverse range of customers, including the elderly and children. By paying attention to these details in the hiring process, the company can recruit and retain a high caliber of staff.

Sylvia Languren, a satisfied customer, describes, “Two Boys Laundromat completely reimagined the concept of coming to the laundromat.  We no longer dread coming to the laundromat, and all the customers say it is a luxury to come wash our clothes at Two Boys.”

Adhering to a “People First” philosophy, Two Boys Laundromat prioritizes the well-being of both customers and employees. It strives to address customer service issues promptly and make things right for each individual. From the overall store experience to the quality of customer service, Two Boys Laundromat aims to deliver a world-class experience that distinguishes it from the traditional mom-and-pop establishments typically encountered in the laundromat industry.

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Left to right: Languren, Boucher

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

In upholding its “People First” approach, Two Boys Laundromat strongly emphasizes community engagement and social responsibility. During the redesign of its flagship store, the company allocated valuable floor space, which would have otherwise housed additional machines, to create a children’s reading room. This initiative was undertaken in partnership with the Coin Laundry Association’s Laundry Cares Foundation. The laundromat’s Literacy Center serves as a safe, enjoyable, and interactive space for children and families. Equipped with literacy-rich materials, it supports children’s early brain and language development, fostering a meaningful connection with the community and customers. The Literacy Center is stocked with books suitable for all ages, including bilingual and culturally diverse topics that cater to the community’s needs.

Within the laundromat’s Literacy Center, Two Boys Laundromat purchases and provides books to children free of charge, allowing them to take the books home as part of the company’s literacy initiative. Gene Boucher explains, “We understand that spending time at the laundromat is often a precious hour of family time. We aim to create a ‘community hub’ where families can bond over the laundromat experience, offering a safe space for children to read with their parents and do homework on busy school nights.”

Furthermore, the company has plans to collaborate with the local library and educational partners to introduce “Story Time” sessions at the laundromat. These free storytelling events will promote literacy among children, utilizing the laundromat space as a community learning hub for individuals of all ages.

As Two Boys Laundromat continues to expand its customer base, it actively seeks partnerships with community organizations that cater to seniors, veterans, and children. These collaborations promote essential community resources for education, health, and wellness. By transforming a typical laundromat into a “community hub,” the company turns what might otherwise be perceived as mundane hours of laundry into productive time that enhances customers’ overall well-being.

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 Looking Forward to the Future

As Two Boys Laundromat solidifies its position as the most renowned and reputable laundromat brand in Southern Nevada, its growing presence on social media and positive customer reviews make it a role model for laundromats nationwide. With its commitment to providing the community with the “nicest and cleanest” laundromat experience, the company is poised for further expansion and success.

Looking ahead, Two Boys Laundromat aims to welcome more families and customers, both locals and visitors, to the vibrant city of Las Vegas. The company is dedicated to offering world-class hospitality and fulfilling its mission of delivering an unparalleled laundromat experience. Additionally, Two Boys Laundromat remains committed to its social responsibility initiatives and giving back to customers and the communities it serves. The company aspires to transform its laundromat into a community hub that goes beyond the mere task of washing clothes, serving a larger purpose in enhancing the lives of its customers and contributing to the community’s well-being.

Gene Boucher concludes, “We are excited about the future as we continue to provide outstanding service, expand our presence, and make a positive impact in the lives of our customers and the communities we serve.”

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“The two boys of Two Boys Laundromat at the grand opening of the Decatur flagship store in April 2023”; Gene Boucher (left) and Christopher Boucher (right)